Wednesday, November 5, 2014

East & Lo Jeans

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Top: J. Crew (you can't tell in the photos, but there's some awesome embroidery magic going on around the neckline of the shirt. I love it) // Jeans: East & Lo (c/o) // Shoes: Target // Purse: Target

So I try not to wear pants whenever possible. I often wear dresses and skirts on campus which confuses people because they're like "Why would you dress so fancy for class?" when really skirts and dresses are just way more comfy for me than jeans. So on the rare occasion when I do wear jeans, I'm quite picky about how they fit/look on me. And I never buy expensive jeans. I only own one nice pair that I bought in London out of pure necessity because apparently London is cold even July what???? No one told me. Anyway. These jeans are nice. And ridiculously comfy. I EVEN WORE THEM TO REHEARSAL. Which is a huge deal for me because my usual rehearsal uniform is leggings and a big tee shirt. So basically if you want an affordable pair of nice jeans that fit great and are incredibly comfortable, you should check out East & Lo. Pants-Hater Endorsed by me.

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Should Be: Eating something before rehearsal.
Excited For: This week of rehearsals to be over and for our show to start!
Proud of: Myself for not buying a sweater at Target today. It was a close one.
Days Until Christmas: 50 ohmygosh

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