Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Zippers & Zippers

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Tunic: Pink Blush (c/o) // Coat: H&M // Wedge Booties: Target // Flats: Lulu's // Satchel: Target // Jeans: American Eagle

I love a good zipper detail. And I love a good loose-fitting tunic. So basically this shirt is perfect for me. It's super soft yet stylish and pairs perfectly with my favorite hot pink zipper coat. If you haven't checked out Pink Blush before, you definitely need to. All of their stuff is unique, affordable, and way cute. BONUS: They have a maternity section! And since pretty much everyone in the world I know is pregnant, you guys need to take a look.

Also side note, I'm wearing two different pairs of shoes in these photos and my hair/makeup is a bit oh I don't know, bigger than normal? I took these photos before my performances last Friday and Saturday so I have my stage makeup and hair all done. Trust me, I normally do not sport such volume and extreme eyeliner. I wanted pics with the coat on and off but didn't have time on Friday, hence I recreated the outfit on Saturday for the other pics. But with different shoes. Anyway probably no one cared about knowing all of that but there it is. Happy Wednesday.

Should Be: Getting some food before my next class.
Have: A lot of doctor appointments/errands to run this afternoon.
Not Liking: The extreme cold.
But Very Much Excited For: Arizona next week! It will be nice and warm and I get to hang out with my amazing in-laws :)
Days Until Christmas: 35 HOLY CRAP.


  1. Just loving this pink coat and how you paired it with those leopard shoes! Very chic!

    x Sarah

  2. OMG love those booties! You look gorgeous! xo Andrea

    Boho Bunnie


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