Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Pears & Plaid

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Vest: Old Navy  // Sweater: J. Crew Factory // Jeans: American Eagle // Boots: Madewell

Ready for the saga of another one of my clothing items? I thought so. I saw this super cute plaid vest all over IG a few weeks ago and was intrigued, but I didn't really consider myself a "vest" person so I talked myself out of ordering it. But then I was at Old Navy the day after Black Friday and I saw it in person. And felt it. And oh my gosh. It was soft and fleecy and not made of shiny fabric and I just knew I had to have it. The only problem was that they only had XL's and XXL's. I bought an XL. That's how desperate I was. But then I realized that it looked absolutely absurd on me so I returned it 20 minutes later. I made a plea on IG if anyone found a smaller size to let me know and I would pay them to send it to me and LO AND BEHOLD SOMEONE FOUND A SMALL. She was kind enough to buy and send it to me within 48 hours! She's a true angel and I will love her forever for doing this for me and remember her every time I wear this wonderful vest. And in case you were wondering, I now consider myself a vest person :)

Should Be Studying For: Finals
Just Took Two: Finals.
Still Have Two: Finals.
What's Ruining My Life: Finals.
Dreading: Finals.
Hate: Finals.
Days Until Christmas: 9!!!!!!! Thankfully.

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