Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A House, A House! And More...

We have moved in! Ish. All of our stuff is in our new place, but we are currently staying at my parents' house while we finish painting our master bedroom. Below are a few purchases we've made for our family room. Plus a few others I have my eye on ;) And keep scrolling to read about an amazing new start-up company!
So if you haven't already heard of Kites & Ivy, you need to check them out. Kites & Ivy is a start-up company that focuses on college women, but any girl would LOVE the to get these products. What you do is place your order for a surprise box and then it gets delivered right to your door! And it's guaranteed to be filled with tons of amazing goodies. The boxes have a value of over $40 and you pay $28.99 ($23 if you use coupon code INDIANA5). Rumor has it that this upcoming box will include nail polish ($16 value), Urban Outfitters lipgloss, sunglasses, & more!

The next box will be arriving in March just in time for Spring Break so place your order by February 10th and you'll be good to go! To order, go to kitesandivy.com and start from there!! And don't forget to use coupon code INDIANA5 for $5 off!

Watching: The Bachelor. Holy moly these girls are weird. 
Finished: Painting our master bedroom! Just need to pick a color for the kitchen...
Wishing That: It was spring. I officially hate the cold. 
Days Until Christmas: 324

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