Sunday, January 17, 2016

Graduation/Updates on Life

I thought I would share with all of you some of my graduation photos as well as updates on my life! As probably most of you know, I graduated from Purdue University this past December with a degree in Public Relations & Strategic Communication. I had so many wonderful experiences there and am grateful that I got to attend such a great institution with amazing professors. However, I am also reeeeaaaallllllly grateful that I am done :) #schoolishard

It has been so nice to not have stuff outside of work that I have to do every evening and weekend. My Saturdays are now suddenly not filled with papers and reading and studying for tests! And now I can actually really clean our kitchen after every meal instead of just doing the bare minimum before locking myself back into my office room. Why, just the other day I opened my linen closet to get some fresh towels and I thought, "Wow this has gotten messy, if only I had time to cle-....OH MY GOSH. I HAVE TIME TO CLEAN THIS!" And so I did. And it was wonderful.

Many of you have asked what I am doing with my life now that I am done with school, so here is the answer. I am continuing my job in the Purdue Research Park (same one I've had since transferring to Purdue) and this week, I start an internship with Treefrog, a marketing firm in Lafayette. I will be writing blog content and working on social media strategy while I am there as well as hopefully learning other new skills. This internship is especially meaningful for me since when I was trying to decide my new major after transferring to Purdue, my friend Vanessa told me about her job at Treefrog and it sounded like something I would really enjoy and a place that I would want to work at in the future. I'm really looking forward to getting to know the great people who work there as well as learn how to apply what I have learned these past few years. My internship will end in April and I'm not sure what I'll do after that, but I have time to figure it out :)

I love my job in the research park and wasn't ready to give that one up so I'm grateful I get to stay there. The people at Endocyte are wonderful and I looooove how close it is to my house. I like that I get to do lots of different projects there and feel like I'm contributing (at least in a small way) to a cause so wonderful as cancer research. Plus the CEO there is pretty great :)

I am also, obviously, planning on continuing blogging. It was hard my last semester to blog as much as I wanted to, but I'm excited to delve further into the blogosphere and learn more about how to improve. I promise more regular posts, new content and outfits, as well as a fresh design coming in a few weeks!

Chris is staying busy with work and projects as well as his assignment at church, but he does a great job of still making time for me and helping out around the house despite his crazy schedule. He was so kind and supportive throughout my schooling and did a lot to make my life less stressful. I'm hoping now I can try to return the favor :)

We are also in the process of planning a vacation together somewhere in the next year. We are very much looking forward to traveling, just the two of us, and making memories with each other. I'm sure there will be hundreds of photos taken and shared, wherever we end up going.

Below are some photos from graduation day as well as from my graduation photo shoot. My extraordinarily talented friend, Cassie, took these photos and I am beyond happy with how they turned out! She is amazing and I highly recommend her. I have such great photographer friends!

Heels + cap makes me seem much taller than Chris than I actually am...

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