Monday, August 29, 2016

Lace Top

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Top: Romwe (c/o; exact top here) // Necklace: Lucky (old, similar here) // Jeans: Flying Monkey // Shoes: Forever 21 (old, similar here) // Purse: Rebecca Minkoff (on sale!! Exact one here)

Sorry it's been so silent on here lately! I've been having some issues with my laptop that has made blogging a bit tricky (it likes to just stop working for no reason and then I have to restart my computer, iPhoto has also decided to not show my imported photos *eyeroll*), but I think I've semi-fixed it enough to get back to blogging without too much hassle.

Things here in Indiana have been hot & muggy, but otherwise good! I went to NYC with my mom to help my sister move a few weeks ago and that was incredibly fun. We ate lots of delicious vegan food and walked a TON. With the heat index, it was about 110 degrees while we were there. It was rough and I sweated more than I think I ever have before in my life. But it was well worth it! I've been to NYC many times but I never get sick of it. There is always so much to do/see/eat! (If you ever need recommendations, let me know!)

As far as a bumpdate, things are still going well in that department! We have another ultrasound on Wednesday that will determine if I'll give birth in Indianapolis or at our local hospital (Indy has the better NICU for heart issues). We're hoping everything checks out with baby's heart so we don't have to drive over an hour once I go into labor haha. I'd rather not be one of those people who gives birth in a car on the freeway.

I also can't believe next week I'll be six months pregnant! While my bump still isn't very prominent, I did FINALLY buy some maternity jeans (I'll do a post on that later). It was a long and arduous process, but I'm so glad it's mostly taken care of. The next thing to check off our list is to get the nursery emptied out so we can put the crib and other baby items in there. It'll be a big job, but it's probably time to start actually prepping the house for the baby. I have a feeling he'll be here before I know it, which is only mildly panic-inducing.

This lace top from Romwe is a ridiculously good price and can be styled in several fun ways. Here I've just layered it over a cream tee but I have a few dresses I might try wearing it over as well. A few weeks ago I wore it under overalls for a feminine touch and was quite pleased with the results. I think it'll also transition into Fall well simply by adding a cranberry colored cardi over it and maybe a scarf when it gets even cooler...I'm certainly not ready for the cold, but it will be nice when it cools down just enough that I can start layering a bit more :)

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you are all enjoying these last few weeks of Summer warmth and sunshine. 

Feeling: Like I could maybe eat again. I'm eating like four meals a day now. Ok sometimes five.
Watching: The Great British Baking Show. Possibly the best thing to ever happen to television.
Have: Several doctor's appointments this week. Some baby related, others not so much. Sigh.
Days Until Christmas/Baby: 118!

Romwe Maxi dress

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  1. Love this lace top! I hope your computer starts working better!
    xo, Syd


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