Thursday, September 29, 2016

Shabby Apple Giveaway!

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Dress: Shabby Apple (c/o, get the exact one here and olive version here) // Necklace: Kendra Scott (exact one here) // Purse: Reed x Kohl's (c/o, get the exact one here) // Shoes: Target (exact ones here)

As I've been making some Fall wardrobe purchases, I have found myself gravitating towards all things olive, blush, and dark red. Shabby Apple has tons of great Fall dresses for this season, including this one (which also comes in olive!). It's soft and stretchy so it accommodates my bump nicely and I always appreciate cold-weather maxi dresses since it means I don't have to wear tights. There are several other gorgeous dresses from their newest collection that I have my eye on...we'll see how much self-control I have :)

Want a Shabby Apple dress for yourself? Head over to my Instagram to win a gift card! 

I had my glucose test this morning (fingers crossed I passed haha) and an ultrasound and everything is looking good! Baby boy is measuring quite a bit heavier than average so I'm hoping his growth spurt slows down a bit or else I'll be giving birth to a 10+ pound baby. Which I'm not keen to do. We got to see his little (big?) face in 3D and oh my goodness I melted. His cheeks are much chubbier than they were at our last ultrasound and he let out a huuuuuuge yawn so we know he's taking after me in that department. I cannot wait to meet him! Even if he is a little on the husky side haha.

Feeling: Hungry still from my fast for the glucose test.
And: A little sore from getting my blood drawn three times and getting a shot.
But: Chris is picking up food from one of our favorite healthy restaurants tonight so I don't have to cook yay!
Days Until Christmas/Baby: 87!!


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