Thursday, September 22, 2016

2nd Trimester Wrap-up

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Dress: Asos (get it here) // Necklace: Rocksbox (similar here) // Wedges: Nordstrom (similar here and here) // Purse: Coach (similar here)

This is an Asos Maternity Dress and I absolutely loooove it. Nice and comfy plus super soft. And pockets! I'm looking forward to layering some sweaters/scarves with it as the weather cools down.

I can't believe I'm already in my 3rd trimester! It's exciting, but also terrifying as I realize how much I really have/want to do before this baby comes and time is quickly running out. I figured I'd talk a little bit about how my second trimester went and update you on what I hope to accomplish in the next three months!

Overall, I have felt really good. I didn't have to take nearly as many naps as I did the first trimester (although I did take my fair share). I started feeling movement around 17 weeks and it has. Not. Stopped. Since. It used to be so cute and endearing, now it's just kind of annoying haha. One night I swear he was punching me repeatedly on one side and kicking me with both legs on the other. He is most active at night before I go to bed, but I definitely do feel him throughout the day if I'm sitting at my desk.

I've been able to continue my workouts without too much discomfort, which I am really grateful for. I'm not doing anything too intense, but I try to do 60 minutes 6 days a week of cardio (usually a combination of elliptical, stairmaster, and treadmill). My workout pants are starting to not stretch as much as I need them to though so I'll be purchasing some full-panel ones soon.

The heartburn/acid reflux hasn't been super fun, but it also hasn't been unbearable. Thus far, I haven't taken any Tums or other medication for it. Chris is always super impressed whenever I let out a large burp since I don't think I burped at all before pregnancy. I've asked him to stop laughing when it happens haha.

For a looooong time, I felt like my stomach wasn't big enough for it to be immediately obvious that I was pregnant. Most of the weight is below my bellybutton, but my stomach is just barely starting to even out a bit at the top. I wouldn't say I have a cute/round/big belly yet, but it's getting there. My doctor doesn't think I'll get super big, but it's entirely possible I'll balloon up the last month and rue the day I wished I was bigger.

The last three weeks my body has just started to hurt more. My torso and back feel like they're being stretched out, which they are, and overall feel quite achy. It's worst at night and when I first get up. I often wake up in the middle of the night with leg/foot cramps and it just feels like my whole body has been tensing up while I sleep. I'm trying to find different arrangements of pillows to find a position that's more comfortable for my stomach and it's helped some, but I do worry it will only get harder the next few months.

We have a big trip coming up and I'm a little bit (ok a lot) nervous about it. It will require a 10+ hour flight and a fair amount of walking once we get there. My main concern is getting comfortable enough on the flight to be able to sleep some since sleeping in my own bed is hard enough. I'm seeing my doctor the day before we leave so she'll check everything out and make sure it's safe for me to go, but she doesn't foresee any issues.

I thiiiiiiink I've started feeling some Braxton Hicks contractions? I often feel some tightening in my lower abdomen and back along with some pain. None of it has lasted long enough for me to be concerned about it, but I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that I don't give birth on the plane haha.

Emotionally, I feel like I haven't been too all over the place. I have always cried easily so it's hard to tell if it's actually pregnancy hormones or just me being me. The most emotional part of this pregnancy has been this last week trying to find a home for a stray cat that showed up at our house. She was SO sweet and social and kind and I just wanted more than anything to find her a good home. Finally, two of my friends met her and said they would keep her. They will be the puuurfect cat parents and I'll still get to see her, but it was quite sad dropping her off the other night. I miss her so much! We've really bonded the last week, but I am beyond grateful that she is in a safe and loving home. She is transitioning so well and I'm sure I'll go and visit her soon.

As far as cravings go, I'd say I'm still not craving anything too odd or specific, but my sweet tooth has definitely gotten even bigger (it wasn't small to begin with). I've been eating a lot of yogurt, grapes, apples, pop tarts, peanut butter M&Ms, muffins, etc.

Next on my list is to finish up the nursery, but we'll need to paint our dresser first (we're going to use it as a changing table). After that, we can reconfigure our rooms a bit and start hanging and arranging things. Then I'll work on my baby registry. If it's anything like creating a wedding registry, I'll need to set aside like five hours a day to research and compile what I want haha.

Overall, I'm feeling really good! I'm super excited about these next few months and I'm hoping they don't go by tooooo fast. If any of you have recommendations on last trimester baby prep, I'd LOVE to hear it! Books to read, things to research, items to get, things to pack for the hospital, exercises to get ready for delivery, etc. I could use all the help I can get :) As always, thank you all for your love, support, and advice! It's really fun to share this exciting time of life with so many wonderful people.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you have a great Friday :) 

Sitting: At my desk. Which is currently in the nursery haha it's one of the items that needs to be moved soon.
Need: To clean our house. We're having friends over for dinner tomorrow and sometimes people coming over is the only thing that motivates me to deep clean parts of our house.
Frustrated: That a package from Asos arrived with a giant rip in it. Some of the clothes were even ripped too :(
Days Until Christmas/Baby: 94!!


  1. The post is so great! I love it so much:)
    Have a nice day!

  2. I am so jealous of your tiny pregnant belly, (I am sure it doesn't feel that way to you) but it is cute!I would advise a full body pillow (made for pregnancy) for sleeping it has been and is the best thing I have found for sleeping. I don't know if it would help on the plane. Also I have been really sore and stiff this time around and my doctor recommended stretches from which have made a world of difference in just a week. I hope this helps and Good Luck!


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