Tuesday, December 11, 2018

37 Week Bumpdate!

How it feels to be pregnant sometimes.

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Going from 36 weeks to 37 seems like a big deal in my mind for some reason? It's like at 36 weeks, you think you have a solid month before baby. But then week 37 starts and you're like wait, three weeks is not a lot of time? Plus the baby could come early??? Then panic mode really sinks in. At least it did for me haha. We really burst into action after Thanksgiving in terms of prepping for baby. We got (almost) everything into the new closet room, cleaned out a BUNCH of items (many of which will be sold in the spring during a closet sale! Stay tuned), and began organizing all the baby girl items I've been stockpiling over the last few months. It has been a ton of work and at times very overwhelming, but we are slowly making progress and I feel a lot better about everything. At this point, the baby could come and it wouldn't be a complete disaster ;)

Symptom-wise, I had a lot of contractions during this week. Some even showed up during my NST, which hadn't really happened before. My doctor checked me and I was only at 1 or 2 cm, which was a bit disappointing considering how frequent and painful the contractions had been. The one piece of encouraging news though was that I suddenly went from measuring 36 weeks at my last appointment (right on schedule) to 34 weeks, which means the baby has dropped considerably. I wasn't shocked to hear this news considering it feels like she might just fall out of me at any moment. Hopefully this means less pushing when the big day comes!

My hips/back/pelvis are quite sore, but going to the chiropractor has helped with that. My balance is definitely getting worse haha. The baby's movements/kicks are at times very painful, which I don't recall having with Henrik? Sometimes I yelp or jump in pain. It's not very pleasant. I'm pretty swollen all over, particularly my ankles. I can't wear my usual rings anymore, which is a bit sad. My blood pressure has been a bit on the high side, but not too high so that's good! Hopefully the preeclampsia stays away this time. 

We are so unbelievably thankful to all our family and friends who have stepped in to help us. It is really challenging to get house projects done with a very curious toddler so having people come to help watch Henrik has been invaluable. So many of our friends have offered to help and have shown their love and support in other ways that mean so much to us. It truly does take a village even to get through a pregnancy and we are immensely grateful for the people in our lives who have helped! 

Just a few more days/weeks to go...

About: To go shower.
Hoping: To watch The Great British Bake Show soon, it's seriously THE BEST.
Craving: Some ice cold water.
Days Until Christmas/Baby: 14!!!!!!!!!


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