Saturday, December 14, 2013

25 Things About Me

It's freezing cold outside. And there is a lot of snow on the ground. So it's hard for me to get motivated to go out with my photographer friend and take photos of my outfits for the blog. Hence today, you all get a list of 25 things about me, à la Facebook 2008. Remember those lists?  I'm bringin' them to the blogging world. 

1. My favorite food is rice. If I could, I'd eat it everyday. From the ages of 6 to 19, I did. 

2. I used to dance when I was younger (hence the URL) and I still love it, although I don't have time to take classes anymore. My dream would be to take up ballet again, I'm working on making that happen.
3. Husband & I never had a first dance! I know. We aren't big into typical wedding traditions (although we did have a cake-cutting and bouquet toss) so we decided to forego the dance portion. What's even worse is that we have never danced together. At all. Ever. Some day I'm just going to turn on some cheesy slow-song and make him dance with me in our living room. 
4. I have a semi-secret love for art history. I think it's fascinating and I even considered majoring in it. I may study it some more in the future, but for now I'm just enjoying being able to give semi-informative art museum tours to my family. 
5. I once won 1st Prize (note: not Grand) in a Nickelodeon Sweepstakes. If I had won the Grand Prize, my family and I would have won a trip to the Mayan Ruins. But instead I got a bunch of El Dorado coloring books and shirts and stickers. That I still have.
6. I love cats. And dogs. And otters.
7. I hate seafood. It all smells gross to me no matter how it's cooked. 
8. I've been to Disney World over a dozen times and it never gets old. 
9. "Tangled" is one of my favorite movies (I can't pick ultimate favorites, it's just too hard). Although I haven't seen "Frozen" yet. I have a feeling I will like that as well.
10. I thoroughly enjoy watching "Frasier" reruns and "The West Wing". 
11. I'm named after both of my grandmothers, Annette & Carolyn. 
12. I believe in love at first sight, to a certain degree, because that's what I feel like happened when I saw my husband for the first time. It's a long story of how we met (I'll save that for a different post) but I opened my front door and when I saw him, it was like the world stopped. I KNOW CHEESY ALERT CHEESY ALERT. But really. That's how it happened. I don't even know who else was at the door with him or what happened after that, but when I saw him, I knew there was something special and amazing about him that drew me to him. And still does :)
13. I was once described as a perfect mix of Snow White & Jennifer Lawrence. I consider that the best compliment I have ever received.
14. I'm a total foodie. I believe that if you don't have good food to look forward to, life isn't worth living. When my family and I travels, we literally plan our trips around food. And it's great. 
15. I miss studying voice at school. But I wouldn't trade what I have now for anything. I still get lots of opportunities to sing and improve which I love. 
16. Je parle Francais de temps en temps. 
17. I've never broken a bone. I'm so used to saying this that I forgot that two months ago I broke my nose. So I guess the earlier statement is no longer true. Oh well. 
18. When I'm at the gym, I let myself watch really trashy reality TV shows. My current addiction is "Millionaire Matchmaker". 
19. I'm Mormon! 
20. Coldplay is my favorite band. 
21. I love to chew ice. And apparently that's a trait many anemic people have? Which I am. 
22. I'm known for having soft hands. Mainly because I moisturize them incessantly. 
23. I hate using wooden spoons in the kitchen. Like I will use literally any other utensil before resorting to the wooden spoon. 
24. My sister & I are almost the same person. She's a lot cooler than me though.
25. I was born without wisdom teeth. 

And there you have it. Maybe this week I'll venture outdoors for photo-taking. I have a lot more time this next month since I am officially off from school. It's magnificent. Get ready for a lot of blogging. Below are some of my favorite pictures from my life recently. 

One of my most favorite pictures from the wedding, with the girls I couldn't live without.

Cats & art. I've always been so cultured.

Three of my best friends whom I miss everyday.

Us in Glacier National Park. Home of the infamous hike that is causing me to have knee surgery in a few weeks.

My sister is the coolest. 

Oh how I miss the mountains of Utah. 

I fall more in love with him everyday. 

Listening to: "Rudy". Husband's favorite movie. I swear he's tearing up over here. 
Excited that: I'm done with finals!!! Hallelujah. 
Most sore body part: Left arm from shoveling the stupid snow. 
Days until Christmas: 10!!!

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