Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Solid InVESTment

In case you couldn't guess by my clever title of today's post, we are discussing another winter wardrobe must: The vest. I used to think vests were pointless. Why just cover up your chest when you're freezing cold? Aren't arms important too? But then I bought one. And all was revealed to me. They are such great layering pieces that can help you transition from fall to winter and even to spring. Some below are even cute enough to wear indoors during the dead of winter. So feast your eyes, and consider making an investment for your winter warmth & comfort. Vests


Any of these vests can easily be layered easily. Below are some outfit ideas & inspiration of what to pair them with.



Should be: Sleeping.
Excited to: Have lunch with one of my besties.
Made for dinner: Mushroom risotto.
Days until Christmas: 9!!! Single digits baby.

1 comment :

  1. These vests are darling! I need to invest.




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